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I am a philosopher specializing in animal and environmental ethics. I recently received my PhD from Texas A&M University under the direction of Clare Palmer. I also have an MA in English, and a MA in Environmental Philosophy. My dissertation, Imagining Animals Differently, explores the importance of the imagination in moral disagreement about animals and its role in moral change. I have been most influenced in my work (and my life) by the philosopher Iris Murdoch. 

Following in the tradition of Socrates and Thoreau, I take it to be my responsibility as a philosopher to act in the world and endeavor to make it better. To this end, I have been intimately involved in grassroots animal advocacy for over a decade. I find that my research in philosophy strengthens my activism, that my experiences as an activist inform and direct my research. 
I now live in Austin, Texas. When not writing, I am either running long distances on the trails that I love, mobilizing the local vegans, distributing food weekly to those who need it, hand-sewing my own clothes, or by my garden doing my very best to coax the worms off my kale.

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